Pricing Plans

Plans overview

We offer 3 plans to suit all user requirements from Free forever, Pro and Pro plus.

The free forever plan comes with 14 days free access to all Pro tools.

The Pro and Pro plus plans offer the exact same features and access to all pro tools, the only difference is the PRO Plus plan includes 1000 EXTRA users, weekly live video Q&A, Bi-monthly group coaching and bonus content.

View all plan features here:

Free forever plan features 1 chatbot, 200 users, 3 messaging channels, 1 admin and unlimited conversations.

PRO and PRO PLUS plans

Both the Pro and Pro plus plans features: 1 Chatbot, access to 15+ messaging channels, 5 admins, unlimited conversations, native ecommerce, 30+ integrations, API access, unlimited email sending, inbound webhooks and more.

Free ForeverProPro plus

1 Chatbot

1 Chatbot

1 Chatbot

200 Users

1000 Users

2000 Users

3 Channels

All Channels

Weekly live Q&A

1 Member

5 Members

Bi-monthly group coaching

Unlimited Chats

Unlimited Chats

Exclusive content

Native ecommerce




Inbound Webhooks

Unlimited email sending

OpenAI ChatGPT integration

Facebook group automation




Pro plus plan

Learn how to confidently create chat automation that works... EVEN IF YOU’RE STARTING FROM SCRATCH! With almost a decade of experience in multiple verticals of conversational AI, join our experts for more clarity & confidence to create amazing conversational AI solutions for your business.

Weekly live Q&A

Join us every week to get your questions answered live, collaborate with other members, product updates and more.

Bi-monthly group coaching

Join us every other week for dedicated group coaching, expert pro tips, micro workshops, user spotlight sessions and more.

Exclusive content

Get access to custom mini-apps, integrations, templates and video content 'not available anywhere else


Stuck building awesome flows, need first line support for custom automations? Great... Our Co-pilot program gives you access to personalized one-to-one assistance with your build

Additional Users

If you need more chatbot users, you can simply add on as many as required via the billing panel.

Below is a table containing the current pricing for additional users.

UsersPrice per month

Additional chatbots

Extra chatbots are added to your current workspace. Billed at £7/chatbot/month. If you require bulk additions, reach out to our support team.

Additional members

Extra members are added to your current workspace. Billed at £7/member/month. If you require bulk additions, reach out to our support team.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes we do you can sign up for a 14-day full access trial here

What happens when my free trial is over?

When this happens you have two choices. Either upgrade to a paid plan or enjoy our free forever plan instead.

How does Email and SMS pricing work?

We don't charge you to send emails. It's FREE. You can connect through SMTP or Sendgrid or Gmail. For sending SMS, Flochat doesn't handle the billing for SMS, you can sign up directly with our service provider(Twilio, Signalwire or Message media), Check their official pricing for details.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can without any issues. Just go to your billing section to cancel the plan.

What does 1 bot in business plan means?

1 bot means 1 Facebook page or 1 whatsapp number or 1 Instagram account, etc. And we offer omni channel, if you put this 1 bot in the omni channel, you can build the bot that available in the 8 channels we support currently(Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Wechat, Line, Viber, Google Business Messenger, Telegram)

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