Platform Overview


After logging in, your dashboard will look like the image below. Feel free to explore it!


The dashboard shows you an overview of your workspace (team).

To the left is your main tools task bar where you can navigate to your selected chatbots, add your integrations and more.

At the bottom there are 3 areas:

Video tutorials: So you can learn about different aspects of the builder.

Community: Keep up to speed with our dedicated community where you can collaborate with other Flochat users and get support when required.

Help center: Here you can access our help documentation, additionally you can click a link on the side tool bar to remain in one dashboard.


Currently, Flochat supports 12 types of channels. Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Google, Line, Viber and Vk. Setup & Create Bot.

Support chat

To the bottom right you can access our live and ai assisted support chat


Here is where you manage all your integrations including your phone numbers, installed mini-apps, and other third-party services. Check the "Integration" document for detailed guidance accordingly.


Ecommerce section is for managing an e-commerce system for the whole workspace. Your products information can be used across all channels and all chatbots. Also, orders from any channel any chatbot will be listed here.


Workspace Settings

Workspace settings allow you to edit workspace profiles, manage all the members in your workspace as well as the channels settings.

  • Workspace ID: A dedicated number to allocate your workspace

  • Name: Your workspace name

  • Timezone: Set your specific timezone settings

  • Default Flow Theme: Change the visual layout of your workspace

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