Capturing Data

Moving on from using Intent 'functions' within a flow to push users to specific flows. Here we will start capturing user data such as emails, name etc to create a free trial registration directly into the backend 'Your product, CMS, CRM' etc.

Adding Parameters

Previously we create a basic intent whereas we were using an empty intent to move users around the chatbot flows based on their query. What we are going to do now is start capturing data as shown below.

  • Name

  • Email

  • Learn more

You can add whatever parameters you require for that specific intent. Once you create a parameter and new box will display:

System message for parameters - This basically means if you want to add some kind of prompt to help capture the data. You could possibly add something like: Ask parameters in this order one at a time. This will encourage the AI to ask the questions one by one.

You may of observed the Learn More parameter has a green switch in the on position. What does this mean?

OK, here you're able to pre-define some options within the question. In this case we're asking the users what they would like to learn more of:

Each option must be comma separated as show above. When you have this type of parameter, the AI questions would look like this: "Great, to get you started in the right place, what would you like to learn more of: AI, automation, integrations or developer apps".

This makes the AI look more human like when asking questions. The user can reply with anything listed of even a different answer. This data will then be stored in the custom field "Save Result to"

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