With Twilio you are able to create voice, SMS and WhatsApp chatbots. In order to connect your Twilio account go to the integration section from the left-hand menu and select Twilio.

As you see you only need to insert two pieces of login details to connect your Twilio account:

  • Account SID

  • AUTH Token

Login to your Twilio account

Login to your Twilio account (opens new window) and when arriving at your dashboard overview you will be able to directly grab the Account SID as well as the AUTH token

Copy and paste both into your workspace Twilio section and press the save button. If all goes well then you should also see a verified status in the top right corner of your screen

How to use Twilio

Now your account is connected you are now able to create a chatbot on one of the following channels:

  • Voice

  • SMS

  • WhatsApp

You will also see which channels you have connected to which phone number.

Once all is connected you can go ahead and start creating your sms and voice chatbots 🚀

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