With this native integration, you will be able to create live meetings directly inside your chatbot.

To connect to your VideoSdk account go to Integrations from the left-hand menu in your main dashboard overview. Then select VideoSdk in the list.

You will see that you need two pieces of credentials:

  • API key

  • Secret

How to fetch your credentials

Login to your VideoSdk account, then go to the API keys section (opens new window). Copy your API key and secret from this page.

Then go to your workspace and paste in these two credentials. If successful you will see a verified status message in the top right corner

How to use VideoSdk in your chatbot

Now that your account is connected you can use it in any of your chatbots throughout any channel.

Inside a flow create an action block, then choose integrations -› VideoSdk

You will then get the following popup screen;

Fill in all the information then press the blue button named Save. You will be able to share the meeting URL with your participant and the agent taking the meeting.

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