Maintain success

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully built your first chatbot! Now that your digital assistant is live and helping your customers, it’s important to make sure your chatbot stays successful. So let’s take a look at how you can monitor and optimize your new chatbot.

Monitoring & updating your chatbot

Now that your customers are talking to your chatbot, you can monitor those conversations in real time, right from your dashboard and no matter what channel they come from. In the livechat section of your Flochat platform you can navigate to the left column where you can see the Live Chat.

When you open this tab, you'll be able to view all your customer chats in one place. To the left is the customer window where you can see or filter customer chat. In the middle section is where you can respond to the customer in real time. You can also send emails, voice, pre-designed flows and more. To the right hand side will be all the customer information 'this can vary depending on what channel they are coming in from. But the basic information stays the same.

For example you can view what channel they entered on, last interactions, gender and more importantly the important data that you maybe collecting in your custom fields or even information that's say on your Shopify channel. So it's very data driven which helps you really be personable to your customers at scale. you can read more about the live chat functions below:

Live Chat

Measure with Statistics

Monitoring conversations in real time only gives you a momentary view of your chatbots’ performance. To see the bigger picture and to keep an eye on your KPI’s, you can access the chatbot analytics. Simply navigate to the analytics menu in the left menu bar.

In the analytics overview, you can keep track of all the conversations your chatbot, or your agents, have had so far.

Some of the data points you can measure directly in your Flochat platform are:

Agent Analytics

If you have a team of agents working with you, then you can view the agent analytics even more so.

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