Functions in Flows

Leverage AI to streamline your chatbot's development by guiding users into the appropriate flow through natural language. This method not only accelerates the build process but also enhances user interaction.

How to create a function

First we need to know how to create a basic function with AI. Navigate to the automations tab, to the left side of the builder window and select Intent 'Functions':

To create a new function select the +New Intent button to the top right of the screen.

This will now open a new window to set up your functions.

Let's start at the top left:

Name: Label your intent function - This must be a unique name 'this helps the AI find it faster'

Description: Optional, insert a description so you can recognise what the intent is about.

Parameters: We will cover this shortly. But what the parameters do is allow you to add multiple fields that captures users information, eg email, name etc. Which you can use later on.

Status: As it says on the tin, its either On or off.

Minimum Confidence score: Upon the user query, the AI will determine if there is an intent that can be searched. The higher the score the more exact it will find the correct intent. If the score is low, it can mean that no intents are found. The default setting at 0.8 we find works well.

Save Result to: If you are capturing user information eg emails, phone numbers etc, all the user data will be saved in a custom field. Which can be used later on.

Trigger Sub Flow: Basically, when the intent is matched or the parameters are captured, where do you want to send the user. 'Which flow'

OK, see how it works using the basic intent. First let's look at the Auto intent detect switch.

The Auto Intent Detect will automatically detect the users intent 'question' this overrides the keyword and default reply features.

With it turned on and a users asks "Hey can you help with XYZ" the AI will understand that the users is asking for support, so the bot will respond accordingly/send them to the support flow automatically.

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