Customer Feedback (Facebook)

A fantastic way inside the chatbot to collect feedback is to use the native module for this. It will allow you to gather not only feedback but also allows you to know when a user is not satisfied with the product or service you provide, which you can then proactively contact to resolve any issues there might be.

Note: This is only available inside the Messenger channel.

Creating and managing Customer Feedback Topics

To create a new customer feedback topic you can go to Contents, then select the Customer Feedback Topics tab.

From here you will see an overview of all your created topics and it allows you to manage them or create a new one.

If you like to create a new topic you only have to press the top right button named + New Feedback Topic.

Once done a pop-up window will appear where you can set everything up.

As you can see you can fully customize this to your own liking so letโ€™s walk through the options.

With option 1 you can give the topic a name as it will appear inside the topic overview. Below that you will be able to adjust your Question title. This will show up as the question. By default, there is a question inside but you can adjust it if you like.

You can also set the type. You have the following choices;

  • Customer satisfaction score

  • Net promoter score

  • Customer effort score

  • Free input form

The next step is to select your score label. You will have the following options;

Next up are the score options that you will be able to choose from;

  • One to five (numbers)

  • Five stars

  • Five emojis

You will also be able to enable or disable free form input. Once enabled the user will be able to give additional feedback outside the rating.

Below that you will be able to point to your privacy policy which is mandatory. And lastly, you will be able to set the customer feedback to expire anywhere between 1-7 days.

Once done you can press save. You will be taken back to the main overview and you will be able to manage the customer feedback topic you just created from there.

On the right you will have two icons. The first one will show you advanced analytics on the topic you selected, while the pencil icon allows you to edit it to your liking.

Below you will find an example of the analytics you can expect;

How to send a customer feedback topic

This is easily done inside of the flow builder. Just go to any flow you want to set up for this. From here create a send message block, then select Customer Feedback.

You will then be able to add a title and subtitle and press the button named rate experience.

You will then be able to give the button a title, select the topic you want to use and save the responses to a user field. Once done press save you will be able to send this customer feedback to any user that enters the flow and this block.

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