Day One

Day 1: Build a Strong Foundation

  • Understand the incredible potential of chatbots and how they can revolutionize your business.

  • Get acquainted with our cutting-edge chatbot software and discover how it can streamline your operations.

Homework Guide

Today we spoke about how to use one of the most popular lead generation and engagement features, called a comments growth tool.

The comments growth tool enable you to do a multitude of this such as:

  • Auto reply to comments on Facebook and Instagram

  • Send follow up messages to capture lead data

  • Using AI to enhance your customer support automation

How to set up the comments growth tool

As mentioned the tool can be used on both Facebook and Instagram respectively. You can read more about how to connect your social media channels to Flochat Here

Once you have connected your Social media channel, the next step is to create the chatbot flow.

Download the pre-made flow

How to create the flow

When designing your flow for the comments growth tool, it's important to understand - What your Scope is. Basically what is the outcome you want to achieve. Read more below:

Building your chatbot

In our example we basically want to capture the prospects email address so we can send them a guide. Note: You don't have to send an email as you can add the guide directly into the flow.

Let's take a look at the email capture node. Create an action step and slect the email tab as shown below.

Once you have selected the email tab, you can now type in your question ie: what's the best email to send it to etc etc. Next step is to save the response to an email system field. This means whatever email the add will be saved to their profile. The final step is to turn on the auto Opt-in Email.

Note: Facebook and Instagram already have the users email, so it will display automatically so they just have to tap it. This saves time and errors typing it in manually.

Great, the rest of the flow is pretty self explanatory.

Create the comments growth tool

The next step is to go ahead and create the comments growth tool. Navigate to the automations tab > Comments Keywords > New comment keyword.

Set up comments growth tool

Now we can set up the actual tool itself. First you need to select which post/channel you want to use to help generate leads and comments.

The next step is to define what keyword you want your audience to type in so they get an automated response and the follow up message. This could be anything depending on the type of post. For example if you want do run a giveaway, you could create a keyword 'Send' So once someone comments that word the automation takes over.

Create some varied responses

The next step is to add the flow you just created - click save and it's done.

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