Personas will help you to make your chatbot come over as more human. It allows you to set up a personal profile with profile pictures so people are more inclined to talk with the chatbot since they feel it is a more personal experience.

Creating and managing your Personas

To create a new persona you can go to Contents from the left-hand menu, then to the Personas tab.

From here you will have the main overview of all the personas you have created inside the chatbot.

If you want to create a new persona you can do so by pressing the top right button named + New Persona.

From there a pop-up window will appear where you can set it all up.

Once created the persona will be available for you inside the main overview.

From here you can also manage your persona inside that main overview. You only have to press the pencil icon to be able to edit.

How to use Personas

You can use personas by setting them inside your flows.

Just go to a flow and create an action block. From here select Advanced actions, then Set persona.

From here you can select any kind of persona you have created previously and the chatbot will then continue the conversation with that user with that profile.

Using personas is a good way to increase engagement and conversions as well. Female personas often do very well with men so you could start your flow by checking with a condition which gender the user is and then set the persona accordingly.

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